Cubs CRC and ideal lineup for this week

Here are the starters sorted by CRC, as you can see, they are also no different from OPS this week:

Anthony Rizzo* 0.333 0.463 0.598 1.061 1.15287
Miguel Montero* 0.301 0.418 0.507 0.924 1.01014
Kris Bryant 0.275 0.411 0.451 0.861 0.93557
Addison Russell 0.267 0.295 0.453 0.748 0.83621
Jorge Soler 0.271 0.329 0.411 0.74 0.82743
Dexter Fowler# 0.262 0.345 0.397 0.742 0.82197
Starlin Castro 0.279 0.3 0.368 0.668 0.7679
Chris Coghlan* 0.202 0.275 0.394 0.669 0.72385

What I have noticed is that Castro has really slumped as of late, and although he seems to produce in RBI situations his overall contribution to runs has declined, while Russell’s has increased.  So this may be the time to see what Russell could do in the 5-6 hole instead of Castro.

The 2-3-4 (if pitcher bats 8th), or the 3-4-5 hitters(if pitcher bats 9th), should be Rizzo, Bryant and Montero (how about that free agent signing?).

So ideally you would like to reward guys for how they are performing by putting Soler and Russell in the 5-6 slot, Coghlan 7th, and Castro 9th.  Let this team play itself into the lineup positions they are earning.


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